What makes a great Osprey Charging location?

Osprey charging station at a retail park location

With electric, drivers no longer have to go out of their way to re-fuel their cars: electricity is everywhere.

And we want our customers to feel the full benefit of this: to be able to go about their day without having to worry about charging on the way to or from their business meetings, weekly shop or a fun family meal out. Why not do both?

This is part of what guides our team in selecting the best rapid charging sites for our customers: our first great Osprey Charging location criteria is therefore:

  • Is there something to do during charging? Whether it be shopping, somewhere to eat, grab a coffee or entertain the children. Remember a rapid charge can take anywhere between 20 and 90 minutes depending on the car, so the activity should roughly match this dwell time.

As a business we’re investing in rapid charging infrastructure to support the uptake of low-emission vehicles, and we have to make the numbers stack up. A standard two-charger site can cost £70-100k, so we need to be sure the customer numbers will be high enough to cover this investment.

This brings us to Osprey Charging location criteria number two:

  • Location Location Location If you haven’t already guessed location is key. We look to install chargers just off main roads with plenty of passing traffic and ideally near motorways or a major town or city. We want to continue to be located at busy places where lots of cars go, such as retail parks, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, high streets, drive thru’s.

Finally, back to basics: charging cars needs space, and we don’t want to disrupt any aspect of your business on the ground (which is also why we apply for a direct grid connection and carry out all installation and maintenance). So our third criteria is:

  • Does your location have a large car park? We’d ideally want a location with plenty of parking for everyone, and options for charger positioning, so that we can best hook up to the electricity grid. Is the carpark open access to the public at all times of day?

Each site we review is quality controlled to ensure we provide the best Osprey Charging experience to our customers: we put charging infrastructure where lots of drivers are happy to spend 20-40 minutes.

This also means high footfall and charger utilisation for the landlord, who benefits from profit share at their sites, and loyal and guaranteed dwell time.

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