Values and vision

Our vision is a world where all road travel is electric,
customers can charge easily and rapidly,
and future generations can breathe clean air.

Osprey App
A woman charges her car by a Starbucks



Open access

We believe that mass-market electric vehicle uptake will only happen if EV charging is totally accessible to the driver, on demand at the moment that they need it and without any delays to getting connected.


Location, location

We believe that drivers will come to expect to charge their EVs whilst they go about their day, whether shopping, meeting friends or for business, checking emails with a coffee, or topping up en route to a destination.


Long-term partners

We believe that building a nationwide network of rapid chargers is a long-term investment in a cleaner future. Our partners share this value of doing the right thing now, to see the results long-term for future generations.


What our customers think

"This public charger is exactly how easy it should be - cheap, fast and simple contactless card payment."

Fully Charged’s Jonny Smith via Twitter

"Absolutely faultless service, so easy using a debit card!"

Adam T via Twitter

"Great charger and perfect location for a lunch break."

gravitybluebob via ZapChat

"We partnered with Osprey Charging as part of our goal to become the UK’s most environmentally efficient pub business."


"Great location for two rapids – great selection of food and drink, just off motorway for long journey home."

Bryan via Twitter