The Osprey Charging App

Cheaper tariff. View live sessions. Download VAT receipts.


Benefits of the app

We’ve always had contactless payment on every rapid charger, and we always will.

The Osprey App is for regular users of our charge points, rewarding you with a cheaper tariff than contactless when you use it to start/stop and pay for charging.

  • Cheaper than contactless payment
  • View live session info
  • View charge history
  • Download VAT receipts (session or monthly)
  • Monthly billing (credit/debit card)

You can also set up and access your app account on a web browser here, but you will need to download the app to start and stop charging sessions.


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Why is the Osprey App tariff cheaper?

We want to reward you, our regular charging customers.

We know signing up to an app is a bit more effort than tapping your payment card on the charger, and so we’re saying thanks for joining us with a cheaper tariff and extra features that you can’t get from using contactless payment.

To be totally transparent, because you pay a monthly bill with the app account, we can charge a lower rate of VAT (5%) and we pass this saving on to you.

Will my old Engenie account login work on the Osprey App?

No. You will need to download the Osprey Charging App and sign up to create a new account and add your preferred credit/debit card as new payment details.

You will still be able to access your Engenie account via in case you need receipts, for three months.

After that we will be deleting Engenie account customer details, including the direct debit mandate you may have set up through GoCardless.

What if I use an Engenie RFID card to charge and pay at the moment?

Please make sure you download the Osprey App and set up a new, Osprey account within it. Your old Engenie account will not be transferred over.

However, we are migrating RFID cards so that they become associated with your new Osprey App account.

Please therefore make sure you use the same email address as your Engenie account so we can match your card to your Osprey account.

If you would not like to download the Osprey App, you can also set up an Osprey account on a web browser at

I still have the Engenie app installed, will this automatically update to Osprey?

No, the Osprey App is a new and much improved stand-alone app rather than an updated version of the Engenie app.

Please delete the Engenie app from your phone, download the Osprey Charging App and set up a new account.

How does the Osprey App payment and billing work?

Payment on the Osprey App works by adding a payment card (credit or debit) to your account. You’ll either do this on set-up of your account or you can add it later under Profile.

You can then start charging sessions with the app.

You can download VAT receipts for individual charging sessions, from Charge History > Sessions.

At the end of the billing period (a month) your payment card will be debited the cost of all that month’s charging sessions.

You can download this monthly bill from Charge History > Billing.