The Osprey Charging App

Monthly billing. View live sessions. Download VAT receipts.

Benefits of the Osprey Charging App

An image with three screenshots from the Osprey App showing live session status, a map of our electric car charging stations and a VAT receipt from a charging session.


We’ve always had contactless payment on every rapid charger, and we always will.

The Osprey App is for regular users of our charge points, allowing you to:

  • View live session info
  • View charge history
  • Download VAT receipts (session or monthly)
  • Monthly billing (add credit/debit card)

You can also set up and access your app account on a web browser here, but you will need to download the app to start and stop charging sessions.


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How much does it cost to charge via the Osprey app?

The cost to charge is a flat rate of 40p per kWh. There is no monthly fee to charge via our Osprey app, but your charging sessions will be billed monthly, via direct debit payment. Please note, payment is not automatically taken at each charging session.

How can I view my charging sessions in the Osprey app?

Within the app, select ‘Profile’ and then ‘Charge History’, you will be able to view your previous charging sessions.

How do I obtain a VAT receipt for a charging session that I carried out via the Osprey app?

Within the Osprey app, select ‘Profile’ and then ‘Sessions’ – then select the session/s you wish to view and click download VAT receipt.

I have just received an Osprey RFID card. How do I register the card?

On the front of the Osprey RFID card, there will be a number. Within the ‘Profile’ section of the Osprey app, select ‘RIFD cards’. This is where you can assign your RFID card number to your account.