Our EV Picks for 2021

A Mustang Mach-E at the London to Brighton EV Rally

Mustang Mach-E at the London to Brighton EV Rally. Photo: Generate Media


Our resident EV expert Steve Forster gives us a roundup of his top electric cars on the market today.
Steve, an Osprey Business Development Manager, is a self-proclaimed ‘electric-head’ and has driven over 250,000 electric miles in 10 years.


Best EV for long journeys

Winner: Tesla Model 3 Long Range
Runner Up:  Kia Niro/Hyundai Kona

It wouldn’t be a “Top EV’s” list without a Tesla and when it comes to range, it’s hard to beat the Tesla Model 3 Long Range. There is more to the Model 3 than its impressive 353mile range that makes it perfect for long journeys. It’s spacious, quiet and has a host of superb gadgets and including autopilot and cruise control.


Best second-hand purchase

Winner: Nissan Leaf
Runner Up: Renault Zoe

The Nissan Leaf is an icon, being one of the longest-running electric vehicles out there, and for good reason. With excellent reliability, battery longevity and a low running cost, a second-hand Leaf is great value for money.


Best newly-released EV

Winner: Kia EV6
Runner Up: Mustang Mach-e

This latest release from Kia has made a splash in the EV market. With amazing specifications, excellent range and charging performance, build quality and finish, it is no surprise that the Kia EV6 takes the prize here.


Best run-around car

Winner: Fiat 500e
Runner Up: Renault Zoe

How can you improve on a classic? Make it electric of course! The Fiat 500e maintains everything that was great about it, the compact design, spacious interior, great build quality and more importantly, it’s fun to drive. Despite its slightly shorter range, this is a great all-round car with good value.


Best overall electric car

Winner: Mustang Mach-e
Runner Up: VW ID4/Skoda Enyaq

It is no surprise to anyone who knows me that the Mustang Mach-E is my pick for the best overall EV. It is priced well for the performance and specifications that come with it. It has a fantastic sporty ride, build quality and head-turning good looks.