Our new name





“We are at an inflection point – not just as a company but as an industry. As EV ownership skyrockets, we want our mission of meeting the needs of the mass market customer to stand out. Osprey – which evokes feelings of power, speed and clean air – provides drivers with a memorable beacon for simple, fuss-free rapid charging.”

Ian Johnston, CEO


Why Osprey?

When we set out to look for a new name, we knew we wanted something that would reflect our existing brand values of speed, simplicity and enabling cleaner transport for cleaner air, for everyone.

We therefore wanted a word that was straightforward: you know immediately what it means and how it makes you feel. And how to spell it!

The Osprey is a large, fast, graceful bird, usually spotted soaring through the air. We loved this image of freedom to travel, and the way ospreys combine power and elegance.

The new logo’s symbol mirrors the way an Osprey’s feathers fan out and move as it beats its wings in flight, if you slowed it right down!


Feedback on the App

Our cheaper tariff is now available, exclusively on the Osprey App. The app also shows your live status during charging, logs your session history, and provides downloadable VAT receipts at the tap of a button.

We would love to hear your feed back about using the app. Please fill in the form below to tell us!

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    What's changing?

    Does this new name signal a change in the company operations or structure?

    No. Becoming Osprey is purely a branding choice; the business offering, operations and funding structure remains the same.

    Will the charge points change visibly?

    It will take a month or so to change the visual branding at our rapid charging sites to Osprey, however we will not be changing the whole charger wrap or signage so you’ll still be able to recognise the chargers from their orange and blue in car parks.

    What other parts of the company and brand are changing?

    The registered name of the company is changing. This, and the logo, will therefore change in all external-facing elements in which these appear, from marketing materials to purchase orders to our registered name at Companies House.

    Full changeover will take a couple of weeks, so please bear with us whilst we work with partners and suppliers to make the transition.

    We will change the logo displayed on our charge points, but not the full charger wrap at this stage, to maintain recognition and continuity for customers.

    We are not changing our core brand focus of providing reliable, open-access charging to all types of drivers in safe and pleasant places; working transparently as a long-term partner with landlords and local authorities; and ultimately enabling the transition to low-emission vehicles for a cleaner future.

    If I already have an Engenie account, can I use this when the new Osprey App becomes available?

    As an Engenie account holder you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the cheaper Osprey App rate as soon as this becomes available. In the meantime you can continue to use your RFID card if you have one, or normal contactless payment in the same way as before.

    To access the account area for your Engenie RFID card, please continue to go through account.engenie.co.uk (note that this will not be the way to sign up for the Osprey App).

    When will the new Osprey App be available to get the cheaper charging tariff?

    We expect to launch the Osprey Charging App to both Apple and Android devices in October 2020. If you already have an Engenie account or are signed up to our mailing list you will receive information about the App as soon as it is ready to download.

    If you would like to ensure you are one of the first to know about the App launch and cheaper rate, sign up here.

    Will roaming through third parties such as Allstar, Zap-Pay or my car manufacturer network work the same?

    Yes. There is no disruption to roaming partners’ access to our rapid chargers.

    Why has my account been suspended?

    If your account has been suspended this is likely because we have been unable to take payment from your preferred payment method. Please ensure that your payment details are correct and you have sufficient funds in your account to pay any outstanding invoices and then contact our support desk who will be able to reactivate your account once payment has been taken.