Osprey Charging partners with Solarplicity to purchase 100% renewable electricity for their charge points

As an electric vehicle (EV) rapid charging specialist, Osprey Charging is all about enabling the uptake of low-emission vehicles. These vehicles not only improve local air quality but have a lower environmental impact than petrol and diesel vehicles over their total lifecycle.

However, the full sustainability potential of EVs is only realised when their fuel, electricity, also has a small carbon footprint.

This is why we have chosen Solarplicity as Osprey Charging’s electricity retailer. Solarplicity are one of the UK’s leading renewable energy providers, with their electricity coming from a mix of biofuels, hydropower, wind and solar. That’s zero CO2emissions per kWh.

We want our EV drivers to know that when they use an Osprey Charging charge point, they’re supporting renewable energy as well as good air quality. That for every kWh of electricity they put in their car, a kWh of electricity is put into the grid from renewable sources.

Osprey Charging is currently looking to partner with commercial and public landlords to install chargers at eligible sites, significantly supporting Clean Air Strategy and enhancing properties’ sustainability credentials.

Osprey Charging’s Founder and Managing Director, Jeremy Littman, said “I’m delighted that we are now offering our customers 100% renewable energy, as we know that many of them bought their electric cars for environmental reasons. We also hope that this commitment to renewables will be attractive to our current and future commercial property and local authority partners, to whom low-emission, CO2-minimising initiatives are so important.”

Solarplicity’s CEO, David Elbourne, commented, “we take the responsibility of protecting the environment very seriously. We aim not only to do our bit by making sure our energy is 100% renewable, but try to influence others to adopt our philosophy, making an impact on a grander scale. That is why we are very excited to partner with Osprey Charging. Recognising that the future for EVs is very bright, this partnership is important for us, knowing that electric vehicles charged at Osprey Charging charger points will be supporting energy that is 100% clean.”