Osprey Charging adds rapid charging to Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice Network

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  • Osprey Charging are the latest electric car charging network to join Octopus Energy’s new roaming service, the Electric Juice Network
  • Osprey Charging operates over 150 rapid charging stations at over 100 locations across the UK
  • The Electric Juice Network simplifies electric car charging on the go, adding all costs onto one bill

Following the successful launch of its Beta version in May 2020, on 29th July 2020 Octopus Energy announced a new addition to its Electric Juice Network  – the rapid charging network provider Osprey Charging.

In addition to Osprey Charging’s 100 rapid charging locations, London’s first rapid charging hub will also be included in the Electric Juice Network. Osprey Charging launched the hub in partnership with Transport for London (TfL), at Stratford International Station car park in 2019.

The inclusion of rapid chargers and more national locations means that the Electric Juice Network now has significant inner-city and on-the-road coverage, a great step towards ensuring EV drivers have access to the network wherever they are.

Drivers of electric cars will now be able to pay with their Octopus Energy account across both Osprey Charging and Char.gy charging networks, with all costs appearing on a single bill. As further networks are added to the roaming service, users of Electric Juice will soon be able to access many more charging stations nationwide.

With this ‘one-stop shop’ Octopus offers a solution to a long-standing problem of EV drivers, who have criticised that there’s no standardised way of paying as each network has a different card or app. The service is open to all drivers of electric cars so that everyone can benefit from this new and more convenient way of charging – whether they are already one of Octopus Energy’s 1.5 million customers or not.

Zoisa Walton of Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice Network, comments:

“Thanks to this partnership with Osprey Charging, users of the Electric Juice Network can now benefit from rapid chargers across the country and a rapid charging hub in London in addition to lamppost charging brought by the Char.gy network. All this makes it easier than ever to pay for all your charges with one simple bill.

“As the popularity grows and we add more chargers to the network, we can create an effortless charging system to accelerate the electrification of transport and decarbonisation of our roads.”

Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging, comments:

“Whilst Osprey Charging will always offer tap-and-go payment on our rapid chargers, connecting our network to Electric Juice gives customers the unique and innovative added benefit of being able to pay for their charging on their home electricity bill. We believe this is a crucial step towards providing a totally seamless experience for EV drivers that allows them to choose the best way for them to access and pay for charging.”