Osprey Charging appoints new CTO, James Wehner


  • Osprey Charging are delighted to welcome James Wehner, former Global Product Director at McDonald’s, to the management team as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).
  • James brings his invaluable experience of transforming the McDonald’s consumer experience via self-service kiosks to the EV charging customer.
  • Improving the ease and perceptions of the ease of public EV charging is critical to accelerating mass adoption of EVs.
  • As CTO at Osprey Charging, James will assess the end-to-end customer experience and identify opportunities to improve consistency, ease-of-use and personalisation, driving forward not just Osprey Charging but best practice across the industry.
  • Prior to McDonald’s James worked in digital content and product ownership for Argos and Next

During his five years at McDonald’s, James was responsible for designing and introducing McDonald’s’ revolutionary digital self-service kiosks, dubbed the “experience of the future”. James oversaw the rollout of these kiosks in over 70 countries across the globe, sparking an industry-wide customer experience revolution, now synonymous with fast food, retail, and other consumer experiences.

Bringing his experience and expertise to the EV charging industry, James’ remit at Osprey Charging will focus on making EV charging as simple and seamless as possible for drivers. He will be responsible for enhancing customer experience, developing and implementing new technology, systems and software that will offer drivers more personalisation and choice when charging their EV.

James Wehner, CTO of Osprey Charging, said:

“For mass adoption of EVs to become a reality, drivers must be at the heart of the transition and by ensuring a key part of their experience – charging – is smooth and seamless, Osprey Charging promises to accelerate that transition. 

“The fundamentals of exceptional customer experience are the same in any sector – it’s about putting the customer in control. After close to half a decade establishing one of the world’s most recognisable customer services tools, I’m excited to apply my skills to a sector where customer experience isn’t just good for business, but instrumental in saving the planet too.”

During his time at McDonald’s optimising the existing self-serve kiosk software, James was simultaneously rebuilding this technology from the ground up and re-inventing self-service experience for McDonald’s customers. He played a key role in delivering the ubiquitous self-service experience we see in McDonald’s restaurants across the world today. James’ customer-focussed technology was first introduced in Australia as a pilot in 2018 and saw early success with use of kiosks almost tripling in just four weeks to 34% of all orders. The average value of each order at these kiosks was also 10-15% higher when compared to orders made at the front counter in the same restaurants.

Over his five year tenure, James constantly strove to improve the customer experience through this technology and as the rollout progressed world-wide, the value of orders coming through this channel grew by over $3bn. Customer satisfaction levels mirrored this impressive growth, with a staff and customer surveys both showing improvements in levels of satisfaction. James is looking to apply his experience at McDonald’s to the EV charging industry and have a similarly transformative impact with Osprey Charging.

Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging commented:

“We’ve seen advances in consumer experience transform industry after industry – from McDonald’s’ self-service kiosks transforming retail to the fintech banking revolution led by the likes of Monzo and Starling Bank. Consumer experience has always been at the heart of everything Osprey Charging does and by bringing James on board, we hope to bring that same revolution to EV drivers across the UK.”

As a base level for best practice, all of Osprey Charging’s chargers are fully open and accessible, offering normal contactless payment as standard. James’ appointment is a significant new development in Osprey Charging’s plans to further enhance the entire EV charging experience and facilitate mass EV growth in the UK, following substantial investment from Cube in July 2019.

Ian addedPoor user experience is a major barrier to widespread EV adoption. By revolutionising the way we charge on the go, EV charging networks will play an essential role in accelerating a clean transport future. James has already brought a fresh approach to improving the customer experience of EV charging and has a lot of exciting new ideas in the pipeline.”


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