New Osprey Charging fully funded rapid charge point in Fleet

An electric vehicle rapid charge point will be installed in Fleet by Osprey Charging, in partnership with Hart District Council, to allow people to top-up whilst they shop.

Church Road car park next to Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer supermarkets has been identified as the best location in Fleet for the installation of the rapid charge point, being close to retail shops and cafes.

The service will initially be free and and enable drivers to top up their vehicles whilst shopping in the town with a full charge in under 30 minutes. Osprey Charging will be introducing its ‘pay as you go’ mobile phone app by the end of 2016 which will support debit or credit card payments and include Google maps to assist the driver in locating available charging points.

Cllr Mike Morris, Cabinet Member for Town and Village Regeneration at Hart District Council, said: “This is a good opportunity for the Council and it brings new technology, and potentially new customers, to the businesses of Fleet. It’s great that people will be able to ‘top-up’ whilst they shop. It’s not only beneficial to the environment, but also another great improvement to boost our local economy.”

Encouraging the use of electric vehicles in Fleet will improve air quality and reduce traffic noise in the town. The Government has a target to promote the use of electric vehicles of 9% of all sales by 2020 increasing to 60% by 2030. In order to ensure that district benefits from this growth, rapid charge points will be essential to attract electric vehicle drivers to the towns across Hart.

Cllr Steve Forster, Cabinet Member for Environmental and Technical Services said: “We have one of the fastest growing areas in terms of residents take up of pure Electric and hybrid Vehicles (EVs). These ultra-rapid chargers will encourage more EVs, attract visitors as well as providing a valuable resource for local residents. We will be organising a test drive event for plug in cars later this year so residents can try them out – with battery range between 100 and 300 miles, and a 20-30 minute charge capability (as well as running costs about 1/4 of a typical petrol or diesel car) they are becoming increasingly popular and we intend to install more EV chargers across Hart if these are a success.”

Osprey Charging have agreed to a lease for 15 years to provide the latest technology in EV charging points at no capital cost to the Council. The Council will share the income from each charge to cover the parking fees for these bays. This means they will be a cost effective solution for the future of electric vehicles in Hart.

The Council looks forward to the installation in the Summer.