Marston’s Inns and Taverns partners with Osprey Charging to become first UK pub chain to roll out rapid EV chargers

First-of-its-kind partnership will remove up to 4.8 tonnes of harmful NOx from UK roads annually

Marston’s Inns and Taverns, the UK’s leading independent and pub retailing business, today unveils a partnership with rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging network Osprey Charging to become the UK’s first pub company to roll out rapid chargers across sites nationwide.

The move – which will see the installation of 400 rapid EV chargers, powered by 100% renewable energy and allowing up to three cars to charge at each site at any one time – will provide the building blocks for a nationwide network of rapid chargers.

Andy Kershaw, Head of Facilities Management and Projects, Marston’s, said: “Our goal is to become the UK’s most environmentally efficient pub business. By partnering with innovative and customer-focused organisations like Osprey Charging, we’ll continue to hold ourselves and the sector to the highest possible environmental standards.”


Marston’s Inns and Taverns, which has an estate of over 1,600 pubs across the UK, makes the announcement off the back of industry-first environmental initiatives, including recently achieving its zero-waste-to-landfill goal, two years ahead of schedule.

Osprey Charging’s rapid charging points are simple to use, require no membership or connection fee and operate with all contactless payment cards. Each 50kW charger is compatible with all EVs on the market today and provides an 80% charge in just 30-60min (depending on the battery).

Patrick Sherriff, Business Development Director, Osprey Charging, said: “Our national network of rapid chargers is having a significant positive impact on local air quality; another feather in the cap of Marston’s’ already impressive long-term environmental commitments. At the same time, our easy-to-use rapid EV charging points will put the customer at the centre of the EV transition.”


In a further commitment to maximising the accessibility and usability of its rapid charging network, Osprey Charging has partnered with SWARCO eVolt to offer some of the most reliable charging hardware on the market. The Raption 50 Rapid Charger is considered the industry’s most advanced charging solution. SWARCO is also providing the sophisticated E.CONNECT back office service, that offers a consistent level of high customer satisfaction and dedicated service support throughout the UK.

Justin Meyer, General Manger, SWARCO eVolt said:
“Marston’s is a forward-thinking company that puts its customers first. Osprey Charging, with its customer-centred approach, is the perfect fit for Marston’s and we are delighted to have been selected as their chosen solution provider. Osprey Charging’s decision to work with SWARCO eVolt is testament to the high quality products and services that we offer our customers.”

The announcement follows closely behind another high-profile partnership, which sees Osprey Charging’s rapid chargers installed across M7 Real Estate’s entire out-of-town retail warehouse portfolio. The two partnerships form part of a development plan involving a number of high profile partners that will enable Osprey Charging to grow its network to 1500 rapid chargers by 2021, following significant investment from Investec.

Sherriff added: “Partnering with household names like Marston’s to offer rapid EV charging is a huge boost to our ambition of building a UK-wide public rapid charging network. Marston’s’ pubs and restaurants are the ideal setting for our rapid chargers, giving drivers the convenience of charging their EV while they stop to eat, check emails or take a break from their journeys. At the same time contributing locally to cleaner air for their family customer base.”


Notes to editors

Two Osprey Charging chargers will be installed at each of the following Marston’s pubs and restaurants by early 2019:

  • Chalkhill Blue Andover
  • Cherry Laurel, Bridgend
  • Silver Birch, Cleckheaton
  • Kings Highway, Derby (1 charger)
  • Spring River, Ebbsfleet
  • Old Plane Tree, Glasgow
  • Red Sails, Hull
  • The Elms, Lutterworth
  • Little Castle, Markham Vale
  • Poppy Fields, Maidstone
  • Lingfield Farm, Middlesbrough
  • Talardy, St Asaph
  • Highland Gate, Stirling
  • Pepper Mill, Stoke-on-Trent
  • Kings Chamber, Thorne
  • Ruddy Duck, Wakefield
  • The Bakehouse, Welwyn
  • Black Pole, Worcester
  • Plas Coch, Wrexham

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Marston’s PLC is a leading pub operator and independent brewer operating a vertically integrated business model.

It has an estate of 1,545 pubs situated nationally, comprising managed, franchised and leased pubs, as well as 1,551 hotel bedrooms across the Group’s pub and lodge accommodation portfolio.

It is the UK’s leading brewer of premium cask and packaged ales, which include Marston’s Pedigree, Wainwright, and Hobgoblin in addition to a portfolio of regional, craft and world beers including Estrella Damm and Warsteiner.

Marston’s employs around 14,300 people.

Osprey Charging Ltd:

Osprey Charging Ltd is an electric vehicle charging network operator specialised in rapid chargers. With a customer-first approach, Osprey Charging provides charging points that are accessible, easy-to-use, require no membership or connection fee and operate a simple contactless payment method. Every charging point is also powered using 100% renewable electricity, forming a major part of Osprey Charging’s commitment to enable a low-carbon transport system and pollutant-free air.

Osprey Charging offer fully funded and fully managed charging solutions for commercial landlords, local authorities, fleets and property developers. Following an initial pilot, Osprey Charging secured significant investment from Investec to expand its operations into a UK-wide network of EV charging points. Its fast-growing team is based in London Victoria.

More information on Osprey Charging can be found at https://ospreycharging.co.uk

NOx calculation and sources:

  • An average Osprey Charging charger delivers 60kWh per day.
  • A standard 2012 Nissan Leaf (most common pure electric vehicle in the UK) drives 100 miles on 34kWh (Source: Green Car Reports), so would drive 176.47 miles or 284km on the 60kWh delivered per day by an Osprey Charging charger.
  • Which? tested the NOx emissions of Euro 6 compliant diesel cars across all major manufacturers and the average was 0.25g/km (Euro 6 limit is 0.08g/km). Four out of five diesel cars produce more NOx than the Euro 6 limit.
  • Which? also tested petrol cars and found an average NOx emission of 0.027g/km
  • At the end of 2017 the split of petrol/diesel licensed cars was 60-40. So, an EV that drives 100km it is avoiding/saving the 0.027g/km of NOx produced by petrol for 60km and the 0.25g/km produced by diesel cars for 40km.
  • Based on this, the 284km of zero-emission driving delivered by an Osprey Charging charging point each day is saving 284 x 0.6 = 170.4km of petrol driving and 283 x 0.4 = 113.6km of diesel driving.
  • At 0.027g/km and 0.25g/km petrol and diesel respectively, then, 170.4km x 0.027g/km = 4.6g and 113.6km x 0.25km = 28.4g, in total 33g of NOx avoided per day by the driving delivered by one Osprey Charging charger.
  • So, on one Osprey Charging charger, 33g x 365 days = 12kg per charger per year.
  • The Marston’s partnership represents 400 chargers, so in total for the partnership that’s 4,800kg or 4.8 tonnes annually.
  • Over the 15yr lease term for the charger sites, this would be 72 tonnes saved in total thanks to the initial 360 chargers.