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Our Pricing

We offer a simple flat-rate across our UK network of 66p per kWh, regardless of the payment method you choose. We offer contactless payment on every charger with no membership required, minimum spend or extra fees.

For those that are frequent users of our EV charging stations or driving for business, we offer the Osprey App giving you access to monthly billing, VAT receipts and your charge history.

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Osprey charging stations

  • Our electric car charging stations are always located in safe, well-lit places with nearby amenities.
  • Our network extends across the whole of the UK
  • Contactless payment is standard on every EV charger we install.
  • All of our chargepoints have both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors on them, catering for every rapid charging EV in the market.
  • We also offer type 2 AC charging at many of our charging stations.
  • No membership required, minimum spend or extra fees.
  • 24/7 driver helpline: 03300 101 757
  • Our charging stations are powered by 100% renewable electricity.
  • Live availability on the Osprey AppZap-Map and WattsUp


Driver FAQs

For help with charging or questions about our chargepoints visit our driver FAQs.

A business woman using her phone while charging her Tesla at an EV charging station