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Osprey are building the EV charging network of the future.

We have a simple focus: to build the best UK charging network with the latest technology, easy-to-use and accessible chargers in premium locations.

Quality: we choose the best sites – accessible and safe – with the potential to have multiple chargers now and in the future.

Technology: we are independent of all manufacturers and install the optimal rapid charger for each site.

Funding: we fully fund a turnkey supply and installation solution to charging, so it is in our interest to create a first-class charging experience that customers want to use.

Income: we ensure that you earn as much income as possible from the EV chargers on your site by paying above-market rates, and driving footfall.

Experience: we set a very high benchmark and have a proven track record.


The Osprey Charging Experience

Osprey Charging operate a nationwide network of open-access rapid chargers, fully funded and managed for host locations.

Generate additional revenue streams from non-revenue producing carpark spaces with a long-term lease and profit-share from day one.

Generate footfall, repeat customer visits and extended dwell time, and improve site attractiveness for tenants.

Our hassle-free, customer-centric experience means drivers pay by normal contactless card, call our driver helpline 24/7, and charge any car on the market.

What our partners think

"By partnering with innovative and customer-focused organisations like Osprey Charging, we’ll continue to hold ourselves and the sector to the highest environmental standards."

Andy Kershaw, Marston's

"Helps future proof our retail park portfolio as well as enhancing the performance of these assets and consumer choice on site."

John Murnaghan, Head of UK Real Estate at M7

"By welcoming private investment into the city from forward-thinking businesses like Osprey Charging ... we’re generating additional revenue streams to invest back into vital services."

Michael Michael, Cardiff Council

Are your customers getting the Osprey Charging Experience?

We're building a nationwide network of public rapid electric car chargers for all drivers. In a few years' time there will be millions of EV drivers on our roads in need of top-up and destination rapid charging. They will choose to spend time at places where they can also charge their car, over places with no rapid charging facilities. Be part of the future of transport, get in touch or download our brochure below.

Register your interest

One of our business development team will be in touch to discuss your business, ambitions and site(s). We take care of the legwork: quantitatively assessing suitable charging locations, resolving any planning or property applications, and securing and paying for a direct grid connection.

If you want to talk to us straight away give us a call on 0800 058 8400


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Find out more about the benefits of installing rapid EV chargers with Osprey Charging.


Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of partnering with Osprey Charging?

Become a destination for the electric vehicle driver, with a fully funded, fully managed rapid charging service:

  • Earn £100k in non-revenue-producing areas and carparks
  • No CAPEX or OPEX required by landowners; separate grid connection
  • Long-term lease with profit share rent from day one
  • Best-in-class rapid chargers with bespoke solutions to match dwell time
  • Increase satisfaction, drive footfall and improve location desirability
  • Improve BREEAM scores

What is the driver customer experience like?

The most customer-friendly in the UK.

Drivers can pay by normal contactless with their credit or debit card, or their mobile wallet (e.g. ApplePay). This is standard across our chargers – which is rare.

Drivers don’t have to register or be a member, they can turn up and charge just like using a petrol station.

Our chargepoints are compatible with all cars currently on the market, including the very popular Renault Zoe.

Does Osprey Charging have 24/7 driver support?

Absolutely. The number for our 24/7 helpline is on the front of every chargepoint, and our team can start, stop and re-set charges remotely.

How do drivers find Osprey Charging chargepoints?

Osprey Charging charger locations are shown on all major map and charging apps (including Google Maps), with live availability shown on ZapMap, WattsUp and in the in-car satnavs of Audi and Jaguar cars.

What does Osprey Charging do about non-EV cars parking in the EV bays?

Most Osprey Charging sites have two rapid chargers and multiple allocated charging bays, which are clearly marked on the tarmac and on signage as EV-only. There is usually a free parking bay with charger access even if one bay is “ICE’d”. We can also integrate with existing carparking management to enforce the restriction on EV bays.

How is Osprey Charging funded?

Osprey Charging has secure infrastructure fund backing, which allows us to fully fund the installation and operation (including all customer service and maintenance) of public rapid chargers, at no cost to the host landlord.

What is the process for installing rapid EV chargers?

The first step is to have a conversation about your portfolio or specific site(s) with our business development team (you can request a callback here). We then use our proprietary site selection model to quantitatively and qualitatively assess your preferred sites and agree a list with you. Our Operations team applies for a direct grid connection on your behalf, and planning where required, and resolves any legal processes. Once you’re happy with the site plans, the lease is signed (this can be a standard lease across a number of sites) and we pay for the grid, book contractors and secure an energization date with the local network operator.

How long does it take to install rapid EV chargepoints?

There is no ‘standard’ timeline for charger installation. We have an experienced team in place to make the processes as efficient as possible, but parameters beyond our control within the legals or connection process can hold things up. From signing the lease, we aim to build and energise sites within 6-8 weeks.

Can the chargepoints on my site have their own branding?

Osprey Charging are open to discussions with partners about charger visual branding, and will always respect your site aesthetics and experience. We have two standard Osprey Charging ‘wraps’ which can host partner logos, and for large portfolios can consider a bespoke, partner-branded wrap.