EV Adventures in Eugene’s Nissan Leaf

Eugene visits an electric vehicle charging station for the first time

Charging your EV for the first time can sometimes be a daunting experience and you may have questions such as; how do I activate my charge? Why are there different connectors? Eugene felt the same way when he set off for his first public charge. Let’s see how he got on:

Eugene had a busy morning on the road driving around for meetings and wanted to find somewhere to top up his car, grab some lunch and check his emails. A quick check on the Zap-map app meant he was able to find his closest charger with somewhere to eat nearby, which was Greenstone in Norfolk. Perfect he thought, I can do all three things here. As he drove up to the charger he saw two clear EV bays with signage and markings on the floor indicating EV chargers only, he thought ‘at least I am in the right place’.

Eugene had read on online forums that he may need a specific card(s) to charge at certain charge points which he did not have a subscription to, but he was pleased when he walked up to the charger and saw the ‘contactless bank card’ option. It was finally plugging in time, he was pacing around looking for the charging port and suddenly remembered it was at the front of the car! ‘Never done this before’ he thought to himself.

A Marston's restaurant 'The Greenstone' with EV charging available.


He went into the Marston’s pub & restaurant which was on the same car park and ordered the Thursday Burger (vegan of course) which was on £6 offer (bargain!) and caught up on his emails. About 40 minutes later he had to get back on the road again, so he went back to his car and stopped his charge, unplugged and could clearly see on the screen how much he was charged (£8.64) and how much energy had gone into the car (he was 80% full). Back on the road, he thought to himself ‘gosh that was so easy and simple, why was I so worried!’