Electric Car Charging Points for Drivers

Explore our UK-wide network of rapid charging points

Our Electric Car Charging Points

  • Our electric car charging points are always located in safe, well-lit places with nearby amenities.
  • Simple PAYG tariff (49p/kWh) with no membership required, minimum spend or extra fees.
  • 24/7 driver helpline: 03300 101 757
  • Our charging stations are powered by 100% renewable electricity.
  • Live availability on the Osprey App, Zap-Map, Google Maps and WattsUp
  • Contactless payment is standard on every EV charger.

Explore our network of EV charging points


A business woman dressed in a navy blue suit using her phone while charging her Tesla at an EV charging station


Paying at our car charging points

We offer a number of ways to pay for charging your electric vehicle at our chargepoints with no connection or transaction fees. We have a flat rate of 66p per kWh regardless of payment method


You can pay for your charging session using contactless payment via credit or debit card, ApplePay or Android Pay. Request a receipt here.

Osprey App

Find and navigate to Osprey charging points, start and stop sessions, view live status during your session, see charge history, and download VAT receipts.

Third-party payment

We accept a number of third party payments and RFID cards including Allstar One Electric Card, Paua Electric Fuel Card, Mina Chargepass, Octopus Electric Juice Network, ZapPay, Shell Recharge (formerly NewMotion), Plugsurfing and many more.


Finding our electric car charging points

You can find Osprey charging points across a range of different mapping platforms including most in-car Sat-Nav systems, Apple Maps, Bing and Waze. We also have live availability showing on the Osprey App, Zap-Map, WattsUp! and Google Maps.


How to use our charging points

For help with our chargepoints and queries about our network please visit our Contact Us page where you can explore our frequently asked questions, request a VAT receipt or contact our support team. For immediate charging point issues, please call our 24-hour helpline on 03300 101 757


The Osprey App

An image with three screenshots from the Osprey App showing live session status, a map of our electric car charging stations and a VAT receipt from a charging session.


We’ve always had contactless payment on every rapid car charger, and we always will.

The Osprey App is for regular users of our charging points, allowing you to:

  • Explore our network of car charging points
  • View live session info
  • View charge history
  • Download VAT receipts (session or monthly)
  • Monthly billing (add credit/debit card)