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Where can I access my receipts and charging history?

If you charged via the Osprey App, you can view and download receipts within your profile in the Osprey App. If your charge was a pay-as-you-go session, you can request a receipt via this form.

Why am I seeing £5 on my card statement?

When you pay by contactless debit or credit card, a pre-authorisation amount of £5 is reserved on your card. The pre-authorisation amount is then cleared within a few working days of your charging session and you will only be billed for the kWh used.

How long does it take for the pre-authorisation to clear?

Normally the pre-authorisation amount takes a couple of working days to clear in banking statement. If you had a failed charge and no charge took place, the full £5 pre-authorisation payment will be returned to you within a few working days.

Why am I seeing £30 on the payment terminal?

Some of our chargers will perform a funds check of £30 on your bank account. This is just a pre-check and is not actually taken from your bank account.

How much will it cost to charge my car?

Our simple PAYG tariff is 40p/kWh (inc. VAT) using a contactless bank card. We also accept third party charging cards (price dependent on provider).

How do I pay for my charging session?

You can pay for your charging session using contactless payment via credit or debit card, ApplePay or Android Pay. You can sign up for an Osprey Account, where you can use an RFID card or charge via the Osprey App. You can also pay for charging through various third party apps including ZapPay.

Do I have to register or be a member to use a charger?

No, all of our chargers have contactless terminals.

How long can I stay at an Osprey Charging charger?

Please check signage on site: the majority of our chargers do not have a time restriction, and you only pay for the electricity you put in your car. However, some car park owners have a maximum stay in operation across the carpark, which also applies to the EV bays. Where this is the case the signs will clearly state the maximum time allowed.


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