Charging on our ABB units: change to £6 flat rate

Our ABB chargers operate on a flat rate fee per charge, because the ABB payment terminals are unable to charge in per-kWh at present. The flat rate cost is based on the average Osprey Charging charging session in kWh, multiplied by our standard PAYG tariff of 36p/kWh.

Since the most recent flat rate was set in early 2019 the average charging session in kWh has increased, and so we are increasing the flat rate cost in line with this.

The new cost of £6 flat rate at all Osprey Charging ABB chargers will come into effect on Tuesday 12 May.

These chargers are located at:

Ortongate Shopping Centre, Peterborough
South Drive Sainsbury’s, Wilmslow
Princess Street Carpark, Congleton
Love Lane Carpark, Nantwich

If you have any questions about the price change to these chargers, please contact us.